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    We are a digital transformation consultancy and software development company.

  • TeamLink

    Employee Engagement Platform that brings organizational communication, learning and development journey into one place with specifically features designed for corporate.

    White Label E-commerce

    Create your brand into an incredibly easy and perfect solution for your future store. Make your store in the customer’s hand.Get your product to market faster and with everything you already need at your fingertips to manage your customer base.

  • Create and develop many different application by Digix team.


We are a digital transformation consultancy and software development company. Digix is the proven leader in helping businesses deliver mobile application with cloud-based to both customer and enterprise markets, based development of web applications, web services, or databases and web designs that automatically adjust to look great whether viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobiles.


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New Innovation

Ways of working are forever changing. We innovate and invent these processes. We are constantly questioning the ways to improve business works and innovating solutions to streamline workable processes.

Software Technology

Software Technology can ease your biggest operational challenges – simplifying complex tasks and automating repetitive ones. Whether you’re a business is a company store, or another business, we can help improve productivity, compliance and engagement.


Enterprise software development made easy with Digix
Creating the software your enterprise needs to stay competitive can be a headache. Would it help if you could get a fully custom solution without the usual wait? And how about if there was no need to learn a new platform or even manage the project at all


Mobile Application

Web Application

Corporate Application Development

E-Commerce Application Development

EDI/API Integration & Gateway

Azure Cloud Migration