Let’s get digital with Competency Software Solution

The employee competency management system in the organization is a web-based application for management purposes. It provides an overview of the skills and competencies of all employees in the organization and enables the recruitment team to recruit personnel based on the skills the organization lacks.

The employee competency management system in the organization is suitable for organizations that aim to rapidly develop the skills and capabilities of their employees. It also aids in recruiting both internal and external candidates who possess the required competencies. Our system includes the following features

The Competency Dictionary is a menu for importing the organization’s master data on skills into the database. It can extract skills from external websites (web scraping) and link the organization’s skills with departments and positions.

Smart Competency Assessment is a menu for evaluating employee competencies, which includes

  • Employees can assess their own skills
  • Supervisors or Line Managers can assess the skills of their employees.

    Skill Gap Analysis is system for analyzing individual employee skill gaps and the overall skill gaps within the organization. This enables the organization to enhance the skills where gaps exist among employees. It includes:

    • Viewing individual skill gap summary reports
    • Viewing overall organizational skill gap summary reports

    Dashboard & Analytic Report for displaying employee competencies in graph format, allowing executives or authorized personnel to view the information

    Skill Explorer is a menu for searching employees’ skills and the positions that require those skills. It serves as a tool for personnel management, such as forming new teams or making transfers. It includes

    • Skill Search: Displays which employees possess the searched skills
    • Employee Search: Displays all the skills of an employee
    • Position Search: Shows what skills are required for a particular position

    Candidate Pool is a menu for storing the skills of job applicants who have applied to the organization (and have been interviewed by HR). It allows managers from each department seeking new employees to review individual skills to aid in their hiring decisions. The details include

    • Displaying the personal information of the job applicants
    • Displaying the skills or test scores from HR of the job applicants