About us

Digix Technology Co.,Ltd.

Digix is a leading digital transformation consultancy and software development company. We specialize in helping businesses deliver mobile and web applications, cloud-based solutions, and database and design services. Our solutions are responsive, ensuring that they look great and function seamlessly on all devices. Founded in Khon Kaen in 2010.

We, Digix Technology, are the leaders in software development in the digital era

We at Digix Technology have software development at our core, committed to growing and adapting to the evolving role of technology. Our company continuously invests resources in both self-development and our employees.

To keep pace with technological advancements, we regularly send our staff to seminars and training sessions to enhance their skills. Whether it’s developing new technologies, designing cutting-edge software, or improving work efficiency, we support our employees’ participation in software development competitions across various domains.

These efforts not only equip our team with up-to-date knowledge and skills but also drive technological growth in Thailand’s digital age. We firmly believe that through our investment in personnel and development, Digix Technology can lead technological advancements and contribute to a brighter future for Thailand’s software industry.

Enrich Digital Experience

Experience in industry 30+ years of experience in technology transformation, delivering comprehensive IT services to meet customer requirements.

High Recommendation & Retention rate Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in everything we do, from the initial consultation to the final delivery.

Global know how Global know-how and on-the-ground experience. we are confident that we can meet our customers’ requirements.

Seamless communication With our team of experts, we’re your trusted partner, providing comprehensive support every step of the way.